Having made photo screen printed silhouettes of her children a few years ago Flora realised what treasured images they had become, capturing a certain time of their youth.

Although the portrait it’s self, in a colour that links it to the sitter, can be simple and beautiful on it’s own, the introduction of an icon overlaid enhances the visual impact, colour play and memory of that time.


Silhouette of Louis aged 9 with Airfix spitfire 



Izzy (screen printed in bright orange) adorned herself with a long row of plastic beads and styled her hair, giving her silhouette a victorian feel. "At the time I made this print she was often dressing up. The icon of the pink flamenco shoes was an obvious choice to me".


Using hand cut paper stencils Flora creates these lovely simple images, which represent the play and overlay of colour.

The slight imperfect sphere, due to being cut free hand, as well as the quality of paper cut stencil add interest to the image.

Only small runs of 5 or 6 are possible before the stencil disintegrates.


Large screen print planets

Paper cut stencil